Why I love this man.

And he’s from Jersey! Hollaaaa


also dulé hill, quality person

a) Always reblog Dulé Hill, especially Dulé Hill being the awesomest

b) Hat + scruff + blazer over t-shirt = me wanting a Psych AU where Gus goes to med school instead of becoming a pharmaceutical rep and ends up being a small town country doc somewhere, rocking the hat, rocking the scruff, living this very orderly, calm life in which he is a respected member of an established community until he comes home one day and THERE’S SHAWN, chilling on his couch eating a slice of the pie Mrs. Berrywood made for Gus, okay, that is Gus’s pie. And instead of asking what he’s doing in town or how long he plans to stay or where the hell he’s even been for the last ten years, Gus is like, “That’s my pie, Shawn. You’re eating my pie,” and somehow this becomes Shawn more-or-less moving into Gus’s spare room, and barging in on Gus’s life, and making friends with Gus’s whole town, and the two of them solving crimes together and then eventually falling in love. (Or: Psych, in a different location, minus the fake psychic thing, and with a stronger emphasis on the Gus/Watson parallels.)