Re-watching the Avengers, I’m struck by how AWESOME Fury is.

People demonize him in fic, but he’s obviously earned Natasha’s respect (“talk to Fury, he needs you on this”) and he consistently treats Bruce as a human being (“Doctor Banner” - offers his hand - “thank you for coming”).

Sure, he plans for the worst - the Hulk cage being one example - but that’s his *job*. Personally, I want someone who believes in people, not tech (“we need a response team”) and heroes.

He’s obviously got experience in the field (“Sir, Director Fury is stalling”) and is classically educated (“like the Pharaohs of old”) and can think on his feet when the shit hits the fan (“Is the sun comingup? Then put it on the LEFT”).

He respects his people (“two of the smartest men I know”) and is unafraid to challenge his superiors (“given that its a stupid-ass decision”).

In short, Nick Fury is a man I would gladly follow into battle. He would send me into danger, but he’d be right there with me. I bet he and Coulson had some EPIC adventures together.

I need more Nick Fury in my life.



(Please please please leave my commentary below! I’m trying to sell these to donate money to save homeless and stray bunnies, and deleting the commentary doesn’t help anyone!)

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You guys rock! :)


avengers 2:

“mr parker, im here to talk to you about the avenger’s initi-“

“…i’m here to talk to you about the avengers init-“


”.. the avenger’s initiat-“


”..avenger’s initiative.”





Fuck yes, S.H.I.E.L.D.


So I just had to join in on the Hawkeye Initiative bandwagon, it’s just so… full of empowerment.

And then I went totally overboard.
Even gave them suggestive captions.

I feel like a predator drawing this. 

(but Tony’s face! <3!) 



what if romney was elected and barack obama just sat in his office and said “no”


the avenger’s new groove why am I still doing this


the avenger’s new groove why am I still doing this



Anonymous asked you: All the avengers dressed up in the same superhero costume at a Halloween party!

we’re not a tea we’re a time bomb

ticking down to a wardrobe disaster

This is for socialsaltysailors, who requested the back of a Loki dress. I’ll finish up the others soon for anyone who wants to physically make a dress.

Last batch of Avengers dresses!

Previous set (Hawkeye, Captain America, and Agent Coulson) are HERE

The first set (Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow) are HERE.

Not sure what I might do next. A better Iron Man, maybe, because I think I took it too literally here. Might also do some lesser known Avengers from the comics or from the DC universe.